As for us fans of the genre, we had nowhere to go. Cynthia Rothrock came back to the United States, but her movies here were mostly terrible. Hong Kong couldn’t come up with anything better than CGI’ing around Charlene Choi and Maggie Q. There was no action actress who instilled genuine fear in the viewer the way Sonny Chiba-trained Yukari Oshima used to be able to do. There was no one with the innocent-but-deadly charisma of Moon Lee. And there certainly wasn’t another Michelle Yeoh. Luckily, when directors and production companies decided to start making martial arts actioners again, they didn’t settle on the crop of cute pop idols and models that were slinking around the joint. If no actress in Hong Kong was going to put herself through what it took to really become an action star, then they’d just go calling elsewhere. That’s when China’s Jiang Lu-Xia picked up the phone.
Cynthia Rothrock comes home one night to find her sister and nephew dead and a bunch of guys in her house. They smack her around a bit before she kicks their arses. A word about this. I am a sucker for women doing martial arts. I am a sucker for women in short skirts. I am a sucker for women in business suits. In this scene Cynthia does martial arts in a business suit with a short skirt. Cynthia spends much of the movie in a business suit with a short skirt, proof that the Bad Movie Gods are smiling upon the Beggar. Anyhow, while escaping the bad guys Janna bangs her head, which has the net effect of making her psychic.

Go back and read that last sentence again. Don’t worry, I’ll be here.

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