Sure, eleven years is a long time on the Internet… but when our readers began referring to us as “Great Old Ones”, we really weren’t sure how to take it. Then the chanting began, and we realized they weren’t talking about us at all: they were summoning something terrible from the depths of the cosmos.


A quick look at the prophecies on page 22 of the Classic Comics edition of the Necronomicon shewed — excuse me; showed us what we could expect: when the stars were right, it said, it was just remotely possible that a movie could be made from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft that didn’t stink with the noisome foetor of shoggoth poop.

Could such things be? It had happened so few times through the aeons that the very idea strained the bounds of credulity. Yet before long we received an urgent message from Sandy Petersen, master of eldritch lore and legendary creator of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. From beyond time, the Elder Gods had sent forth a new message: The Whisperer in Darkness was about to be released to the theaters and video screens of an unsuspecting world…

Would this new movie haunt the dreams of mankind, inspiring people all over the world to cast off their slumber and throng in the streets, crying, “Iä! Iä!” Or would it be so bad it cleared the earth of the mass of humanity, paving the way for the return of the Old Ones? And where did it fit among the arcana of Lovecraft adaptations?

Read on, o wanderer in the aetherial darkness, and find out…

It’s AT THE MOVIES OF MADNESS…all throughout February at the B-Masters’ blog.

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