Amazon has the release date for this movie as October 6, 2009, but they have never had the cover available for view.  I found it listed on eBay, and I discovered why:

No, the director’s last name isn’t “Hayden’s,” or even “Haydens.”  It’s “Hayden.”  Why the possessive?  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, MAN!  THAT’S THE NATURE OF ART!!

Edit: Oh, and someone with the coincidental name of “Taylor” posted this in a five-star review on the Amazon page:

People making a movie find a curse is with it.Everything goes horribly wrong…in a horrible way. With Jael from “Americas Nxt Top Model” and Isabelle from Bravos “Make Me A Suprmodel”. To watch a preview go to:

Somebody else look. I’m scared to.