A great idea was posted in the last “Gives Me Chills” post’s comments: Why not have a PhotoShop contest, with readers and participants giving their new, improved covers for the movies mocked in the series?

To the Batcave!

Here are the rules, then.  Pick a previous entry on “Gives Me Chills” (I’ve just added a new category for them, so just click here) and design a new cover, using either elements of the existing cover or new images of your own gathering.  (Since this isn’t for commercial use, I’m not going to require you to use public domain or Creative Commons-licensed images, but if your design is overwhelmingly based on someone else’s image, you ought to credit it.  Don’t you think?)

You MAY NOT change the title.  Sorry.  Other text is fair game, though.

Contest will end March 10th.  Entries will be judged by the combined Cabal in closed conclave; criteria will not only be improvement over the existing cover, effectiveness in still portraying the same movie in the best light, and general design.  Prize will be… I dunno.  I’ve got stuff.  I’ll find something.

Send all entries to chillscontest@gmail.com. Contest will end March 10th.

Let all of your Worth1000-wannabe buddies know!