One leaves Vidocq with the impression that Pitof would be right at home directing a Hollywood summer blockbuster; he prefers visuals to dialogue, loves to slap on the CGI and edits like a caffeinated hummingbird. Unfortunately, everything went horribly, horribly wrong. Whether or not Catwoman ended the guy’s career — as many predicted — at least he’ll have one halfway decent film under his belt. Which is one more than McG, anyway.


So why aren’t you familiar with the Dr. Strange movie that Full Moon made? Because, er, they never made it. By the time the project was ready to go into production, the option on the character had lapsed. But that wasn’t going to stop Band, who by now had a perfectly good screenpla… a screenplay, and after the liberal application of Wite-Out (other correction fluids are available), Dr. Strange became Dr. Anton Mordrid, Master of the Unknown. In the starring role was Full Moon regular and B-movie fan favourite Jeffrey Combs.