Yes, it’s a bit behind my usual schedule, but here’s the review roundup for this year’s B-Fest.  The 2011 lineup was heavy on films I’d already covered, so as a special bonus, I’ve also reviewed a film from the 2009 schedule, which slipped through the cracks due to my being too busy with band business to do B-Fest reviews at all that year.


Mama Dracula (1980), in which hematologists get into more crap…

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), in which the roster of terrible B-movie vacation spots expands to include the El Paso hinterland…

Megaforce (1982), in which the good guys always win– even in the 80’s…


The Pumaman (1980), in which flying like a moron is the least of our hero’s sub-standard qualities.

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