But before the winner, the runners-up!  Because you all should see what we saw.

In no particular order:

Birdemic: Shock & Terror, the original:

…and two entries, from Christopher Swindell and Doctor Mabuse:

With a Mouse (to Your Mouth), the original…

…and an entry from Christopher Swindell:

And now the winner, remaking the cover of what was the first DVD featured in “Gives Me Chills,” Grave Danger.  The original…

…and the redesign by David Foster:

Congratulations, David! You win… a free ebook copy of my novel The Demon Cross!  Yes, I’ve been giving out free copies recently, but this one comes without the obligation to review it!  (Though you can if you want to, of course.)  Let me know what format you’d like it in.

Thanks for playing, everybody!