I’m stuffed full (but never tired) of tacos, BBQ, beer, and fun as a result of SXSW, plus Stomp Tokyo bought me an awesome hot dog and drink at Frank, but we still managed to churn out a semi-coherent review thanks largely to my desire to have more pics of Olga Kurylenko ion the site.


Neil Marshall has basically been making the same movie his entire career, tweaking the formula here and there, refining the process, but ultimately still turning in survival horror about a group of well-trained individuals who find themselves facing overwhelming odds behind enemy lines. Dog Soldiers saw British special forces troops besieged by werewolves in a remote farmhouse. The Descent pitted cavers against subterranean beasts in the wilds of Appalachia. Doomsday threw a crack military squad into a post-apocalyptic Scotland. And now comes Centurion, a movie that is basically “what if it was Doomsday, but in Roman times?” Lucky for me and Marshall, I’ve enjoyed all his films. I liked Dog Soldiers a lot, absolutely loved The Descent, thought Doomsday was fucking wonderful, and was pretty damn happy with Centurion.