03/14/11 Update: I’m no longer giving away free review copies, but you can still buy your own — CHEAP! — at several outlets and in several formats, all listed here.

At long last! The Kindle version of The Demon Cross is being processed by Amazon as we speak, and should be available for sale in a couple of days; other ereader formats will follow shortly, and the paperback edition will be available in a week or two.

And with as much as you’d enjoy buying The Demon Cross, think how much more you’d enjoy reading it for free! To generate word-of-mouth and reviews, I’d like email you a FREE COPY of the novel. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Send me an email at nshumate@gmail.com with the subject “Free Demon Cross”. Give me your name, the format you prefer (epub, PDF, HTML) and the address of your website or blog if you have one.

2. Agree to post a review — positive, negative or indifferent — on your blog or website, your Goodreads page, your Facebook page, or the Amazon listing for The Demon Cross in the next 60 days. (You don’t have to buy the book on Amazon to review it there, you only need to have an account).

3. Email me a copy of the review or a link to the post.

I’m only going to honor the first 50 requests — gotta leave SOMEBODY out there to buy it, after all — so get your licks in early!