Let’s face it – we’ve all got our fetishes.

Here at the B-Masters, we do try not to judge. Rather, we try to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable ‘fessing up to those little kinks and foibles that the real world just doesn’t understand. So when one of us – never mind which of us – lobbied for a Roundtable featuring the work of the more vertically challenged members of the acting community, the idea was embraced. There was no eyebrow-raising, no exchanging of significant looks. Because we’re all friends here. Because we all sympathise. Because we all want to help.

Because no-one wanted to tick off a man in uniform.

Oh. Ah. ‘Hem.

Anyway…why don’t you all join us over the next month as we take a look at those films in which some little people play a very big role?

It’s THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS…all through May at the B-Masters’ blog!

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