Yes. Well. Sorry about that. March kind of went pear-shaped there. As did a large chunk of April. I’m not quite out of the mire yet, but at least I’m towards the periphery of it and starting to towel myself down. I’m not going to get carried away and start making promises about updating more regularly, though. That Way Lies Madness.


DOCTOR X (1932)

Early in 1932, finally accepting that they could no longer afford to ignore the ever-growing audience for horror movies – or forego the profits associated with them – a reluctant Warner Bros. bit the bullet and commissioned the studio’s first real genre film…albeit one variously disguised in advertising as a “thriller”, a “mystery”, a “comedy” and even a “love story”.

The good news? There’s a deformed, psychotic killer on the loose in New York, who strangles, stabs and cannibalises his victims, and only a bizarre scientific experiment can reveal his identity.

The bad news? There’s a wisecracking reporter on the case.



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