A teenage nerd discovers a leprechaun in an empty beer bottle. The nerd is in love with a cheerleader and the leprechaun must grant three wishes to escape from his glass prison. If you think this sounds like the setup for a teen sex comedy, you are right.

Review Snippet:
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever outgrow my ability to enjoy teen comedy films. More accurately, I worry that I will eventually outgrow my ability to enjoy comedies made for teenage males. I say this because “Better Off Dead” and “Bachelor Party” still make me laugh, and most of my enjoyment while watching “Hot Tub Time Machine” was noticing the homages to earlier teen comedies. Sooner or later (probably when I am in my seventies), I am suddenly going to decide that a nerd accidentally dumping five gallons of yogurt on a blonde wearing a bikini is not funny.

When that happens, I want you to smother me with my pillow and escape to Canada.

Lesson Learned:
Miniature golf has never gotten anybody laid.

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