Please note:  This is not the film I intended to review for this Roundtable. Unfortunately, my copy of the actual film has gone AWOL, which I didn’t notice until too late in the game. I will be reviewing that film as soon as I can find my DVD or (groan) buy another copy. In the meantime, please enjoy this cheaty filler!



In an amusement park on Venice Beach, the last of the Frankensteins masquerades as Dr Durea, proprietor of the Creature Emporium. Durea is confronted by Count Dracula, who has dug up the original Frankenstein monster from the cemetery where it was buried by another scientist after he discredited Durea and crippled him. Dracula offers Durea the chance to revenge himself on his enemies by using the monster, in exchange for the miraculous serum developed by Durea from blood taken from people who have been decapitated and then brought back to life. Meanwhile, a Las Vegas entertainer falls for a middle-aged hippie while searching for her missing sister, one of the decapitees.

Confused? Then my work here is done.


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