When angel dust dealers move into his neighborhood, Rudy Ray Moore becomes the avenging disco godfather of legend. Yes, he avenges his nephew. Yes, he is a godfather. And yes, dear God, there is disco.

Review Snippet:
The “disco” part is the reason you should not go into this movie unawares. When the film starts, we are inside of a hopping disco club. Get used to the disco; you are going to see a lot of it. You are also going to see a lot of the disco club’s patrons, henceforth known as the disco dancers. Collectively, the disco dancers are the film’s main character. I am harping on this, but you just cannot imagine how much disco padding the film contains until you see it. The only time I have ever been exposed to more disco dancing was a 1977 episode of “American Bandstand.”

Lesson Learned:
During the 1970’s the difference between business formal and business casual was the size of the collar.