It’s a shame none of the following films starred Liz Taylor, but still


After Jack has a B-movie flashback to show the audience his inner turmoil, he’s ordered to meet the other fighters at a warehouse. It turns out that Sawyer is on to Budokai and puts him in an illegal caged death match with The Beast. Jack is determined to help, and with Angel’s reluctant assistance he manages to save Budokai. Jack’s number looks to be up when he faces The Beast, but he flashes his cheap pendant and Beast Remembers His Humanity. The enraged Sawyer kills The Beast and has Sally and Mrs. Cody kidnapped.


The Stranger paints a skintight black outfit onto Kathy Long as The Stranger and sends her to a tiny town in the middle of the American southwest. Like every tiny town in the middle of the American southwest that ever appeared in a B-movie, this one is lorded over by a group of bikers who ride in, Mongol Horde like, every now and again to demand tribute and drink a lot of beer. The Stranger apparently has some sort of problem with the bikers, which she expresses early in the film by breaking out some poorly choreographed martial arts fury and breaking their necks.