Ultimax Force

In retrospect, I cant believe it didn’t happen more frequently. I mean, combining the obsession with ‘Nam movies with the obsession with ninja movies — that just seems like common sense


Deathstalker is never boring. It’s occasionally amusing, the fights are slightly better than one might expect, there’s loads of nudity and a couple of neat gore moments.

The Tell-Tale Heart

A chilling tale of lust, sex, murder, betrayal, and an annoying drum that goes ‘boingggg!’

36th Chamber of Shaolin

The thing about pop-culture icons is, once they arrive it’s as if they were always there. Case in point: it seems that Gordon Liu/Lau Kar-fai has been around forever as a bald Shaolin monk

Blood of the Vampire

Callistratus is trying to find a combination of groups that can be transfused into a diseased subject to cure the condition. Pretty sure that’s not really how blood groups work, but never mind.