Legend of Sleepy Hollow

If any actor in the world was born to play Ichabod Crane, it would be Jeff Goldblum. So thank God someone thought to cast him in just that role. 1980′s Legend of Sleepy Hollow is, along with Dark Night of the Scarecrow, a made-for-television movie I seem to remember watching just about every single Halloween when I was a wee sprout. In actuality, I probably only watched it a couple times, and even though I begin every description of Dark Night of the Scarecrow off with, “Man, I watched that like a thousand times when I was a kid,” I’m pretty sure I actually only watched that one once.

Khopdi: The Skull

Khopdi, while surprisingly competent (relatively speaking), is also one of the most generic, by-the-numbers Indian horror films I’ve ever seen. You could take the negative of this film and place it on top of any of dozens of other z-grade horror films, and they would match up almost frame for frame. The only thing that even remotely sets Khopdi apart from the rest of the pack is the girth of most of the male stars. And I’m not talking “a few extra pounds” like Kamal Hassan or “pleasantly plump” like Superstar Rajnikanth. I’m talking morbidly obese, like they each just finished eating a “diaper and private island” era Marlon Brando and still had enough room to down a couple David F. Friedmans.