Prisoners at a futuristic government work camp are picked to become human game for politicians and their cronies. This is yet another version of “The Most Dangerous Game,” but it is entertaining in its excess. One of the rich hunters has a pet werewolf!

Review Snippet:
Upon arriving at the camp, the new prisoners discover that there are no rules besides complete obedience to the warden and his guards. Whatever Mr. Thatcher and Mr. Ritter say is the law, and disobeying that law is grounds for torture and execution. One unfortunate prisoner tries to escape, but fails to get away. He is forced to wrestle with an open container of kerosene while the guards pummel him. Once the doomed prisoner is completely soaked, Ritter sets him on fire. The man is so beaten, so defeated, that he does not seem to care. Even his screams as he burns alive are more automatic reflex than anything else. That’s the extreme nature of Camp 47. Being imprisoned there will kill you and so will attempting to escape, meaning that the only path to deliverance is death.

Depending on your view of the afterlife, that is either a catch-22 or a foregone conclusion.

Lesson Learned:
The legal term for an English person deported for committing a crime is “Australian.”