What do you get when you cross “Jaws” with “Predator” and cast a 1990s pop culture star as the protagonist? Why yes, this is a SyFy original movie. How did you know?

Review Snippet:
Without any way to contact the mainland, Carly and Danny leave the cabin behind. They trek across the island to an old ferry where they hope to find a radio. As soon as those two mentioned the ferry, I knew that the monster’s nest was going to be inside. In fact, no matter where Danny and Carly decided to go from the cabin, it would be where the Sea Beast laid her eggs. I don’t care if they were going to the abandoned Starbucks on the island, in hopes that the free WiFi was still running, that’s where all of the eggs would be.

Lesson Learned:
Blinking is a telltale sign of rigormortis.