Originally, I had grand plans to review four films in four days, leading up to the launch of the new year with giant monsters, ragged dragons, and so so many cartoon laser beams being fired from eyes and spears. But then there was the flu…

Still, I managed to get the two most important ones out the door. I cannot think of a more accurate way to learn about the mythology of other countries than via giants throwing buildings at each other, and so…

In which Sompote Sands, Thailand’s most infamous film maker, decides Thai mythology needs more colors, more giant gods, more vomiting, and of course, more dudes getting stomped in the testicles. Still, it’shard to argue with the visual riot that blazes across the screen as a result.

And here you thought Guan Yu was just the red-faced warrior to which Hong Kong cops paid respects, totally skipping over the part where he is 150 feet tall and defends the Earth from space invaders and, more importantly, the evils of scientific thought.

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