Yes, yes, I know: not very original.

As I have whinged in various forums, the last few months have been difficult and frustrating, and I’m afraid the blog meltdown gave me far too easy an excuse to neglect the site even more than I was already doing.

Unfortunately the difficulties and frustrations are still making themselves felt, and show little sign of ceasing to do so; so in the interests of getting something done I’ve decided finally to tackle some of those many dead links that were the result of some earlier internet hosting nightmares of my own. I figure that some of those reviews are so old, and have been unseen so long, that they’ll seem like new material, at least.

So look out for {*fingers crossed*} regular housekeeping updates: revised reviews, new screenshots, fixed links, and other general tinkering.

At any rate, I’ve made a start.

What with?

What else?


IT’S ALIVE (1974)















Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

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