Timing is everything, and it was fun to coordinate the database meltdown/move to a new home for Teleport City with the same happening to the B-Masters site. But reconstruction is just about complete (still need to sweep up some drywall dust and mount my guffawin’ spittin’ Laffun Head somewhere), and I do have rather a lot of updates since last we spoke. So in the service of not flooding or making a hundred-review post, I’m going to edit things down to the most recent and encourage you to poke around.

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, Plague of the Zombies, Cry of the Banshee, The Mummy’s Shroud, and Revenge of Frankenstein — all reviews salvaged from the wreckage of old Teleport City, spruced up, corrected, partially rewritten, and with added artwork.

Colonel Sun – the first James Bond novel after the death of Ian Fleming, written by Kingsley Amis, who comes across as rather a bit above it all. He also really hates M.

That Prince Among Shampoos and Yes, We Have No Pappy — in case you wanted to know about James Bond’s favorite shampoo company and which cocktails to pair with bay rum aftershave, and what whiskey to buy instead of Pappy Van Winkle, the most coveted whiskey in the recorded history of spirits.

From Donald to Dean – a four part series looking at the history of Matt Helm in book and film, and examining how the stone cold assassin of the books became Dean Martin.

Japan Destroys the World — a look at four films — The Last War, Genocide, Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell, and Prophecies of Nostradamus — in which Japan exterminates mankind in really strange fashion

I think that’s enough for today

Keith Allison is the chief bacchanologist at MEZZANOTTE.

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