Ah, my friends…can you believe it’s already five years since the B-Masters gathered together to celebrate their 10th anniversary by sharing with the world the wonder that is the screen’s only were-jellyfish?

Those intervening years have not been kind. The combination of a generally hostile universe with that fact that one of our number evidently crossed an old gypsy woman and provoked her into putting a curse upon our collective technology has resulted in a certain degree of attrition…and yet we continue to defy our manifest destiny, laughing in the face of danger and climbing mountains to hurl anathemata at those who think that any amount or degree of obstacles can stop us going where no film reviewers have gone before.

It helps to be clinically insane, of course.

So this month we invite all of you who have so generously put up with our erratic behaviour and broken promises over the years to join us on this very special occasion—not just our 15th anniversary, but also our 50th Roundtable. To mark this double milestone, we’ll be taking a look at some films that are also about the marking of an anniversary…if not necessarily about a celebration…

And while it isn’t necessary, if anyone would like to buy us a gift, we’re registered at Blood Bath & Beyond.


It’s B-MENTIA 15…all throughout November at the B-Masters’ Blog!



Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

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