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I think I have been here before…


2014 is not only the Cabal’s 15th Anniversary. It’s also mine, at To celebrate my own site’s Anniversary, I’ve decided to review one of my favorite Italian horror films. And for my Roundtable entry, my Anniversary-themed flick, I’m going with the Bollywood remake of that same Italian horror film.

Sette Note in NeroFirst up, there’s Lucio Fulci’s 1977 giallo Sette Note in Nero (Seven Notes in Black), also known as The Psychic. Since it’s nominally a mystery, I’ve done two entirely different reviews for this movie: one without spoilers and one with LOTS of spoilers. The first review is ridiculously short, and the second is ridiculously long. You might want to read them both: even though it’s a murder mystery, Sette Note is not the sort of film that loses its interest when you know what’s going to happen in the end.

Sette Note in NeroIn any case, I recommend you read at least one of them before proceeding to my Roundtable entry: 100 Days (1991), the Indian version of Fulci’s film.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in: Bollywood Fulci… with singing and dancing. But don’t get any ideas about a Ziegfeld Zombie or Busby Berkeley’s Beyond. 100 Days is a surprisingly entertaining thriller, in which an anniversary brings with it a cruel twist of fate. Given a choice between the two films, I much prefer original; but then, I am not the target audience for 100 Days. All things considered, this total re-interpretation of Sette Note in Nero is a great example of how to make an authentic local version of a movie without simply going through the motions.

(That said, though, you’ll certainly see things in 100 Days you’d never expect to see in a giallo…)

100 Days

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Ho ho homicide

Santa's SlaySurprisingly funny and well produced, Santa’s Slay may be the best horror movie made concerning a killer Santa Claus.

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It turns out you CAN go home again….

Ah, were we ever so young?

I know what you’re thinking. What a timely review!! But sometimes you want to examine something obscure that no one’s ever heard of.

In this film, there’s a event that horrifies everyone who witnesses it, or even just hears about it. People then tell themselves it’s over and try to get on with their lives. But then, 15 years later, it happens again. I don’t know why, that just seems to speak to me right now.

It’s the scariest and most horrifying Michael Myers this side of the one in The Love Guru, as we learn what awaits the unwary on Halloween.

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You can’t go home again…


…or at least, you probably shouldn’t.

Not if “home” is a small town.


This Roundtable has been a good excuse to give a couple of older reviews a makeover:

[NB: No nudity, but possibly NSFW anyway. {You heard me: two slasher films with no nudity. What is the world coming to..?}]



Twenty-one years after a mining disaster, and twenty years after the sole survivor of that disaster went on a murderous rampage, the small town of Valentine Bluffs decides to revive its annual Valentine’s Day Dance, not held since the time of the tragedy.

Big mistake…







A year after their attempt to cover up hitting someone with their car turns into murder, four friends reunite in the small town of Southport, North Carolina.

Big mistake…





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Corman crime conspiracy

Dillinger And CaponeThe 1995 Roger Corman production Dillinger And Capone has a great premise: What if bank robber John Dillinger crossed paths with mob boss Al Capone? But as for the end results… well, it is a 1990s Roger Corman production after all, though somewhat better than most.

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A League of Their Own


Admittedly, I might be stretching the concept behind our 15th anniversary theme beyond the breaking point…but come on! A gang of wisecracking soldiers unite to pull of one big heist? It seemed appropriate at the time. Anyway, on with the heist!


feat5League of Gentlemen begins with a scene that seems like it should have come from a German krimi film based on the lunatic mystery novels of Edgar Wallace. A well-dressed man in smart evening wear emerges from a manhole somewhere on one of the steamy streets of London then proceeds to enter a waiting Rolls Royce. He drives himself home and then sets about the task of writing seven letters. Each of these he places in a parcel alongside an American potboiler novel called The Golden Fleece, ten half-£5-notes, and an invitation to lunch at the Cafe Royal.

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Those bloody kids…

Bloody BirthdayThe movie Bloody Birthday is an above average take on the not that often used “killer kid” movie genre.

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How obvious is my anniversary roundtable entry?

So obvious that it’s actually called The Anniversary!


The Anniversary (1967– see!), in which somebody needs to put a muzzle on Bette Davis, stat…

The Atomic Submarine (1959), in which the flying saucer swims for a change…

Beyond the Door (1974), in which the mother is possessed instead of the daughter, and it changes everything— even though very little else changes…

The Catman of Paris (1946), in which you wouldn’t believe me anyway…

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968), which will cause less charitable viewers to wish he would go back…

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1969), which temporarily reclaims the franchise’s honor…


Scars of Dracula (1970), which tosses much of it away again.


El Santo rules the wasteland-- and also 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.

War of the Welles

OK, not a movie, but still…

orson-welles-graphic-5When I was young still and open of mind, my parents set me loose in the University of Kentucky bookstore with the understanding that I was allowed to choose for myself from the racks of tapes and books some manner of entertainment. As I perused the offerings with a diligent focus that can be mustered only by a seven-year-old with a serious decision to make, I contemplated my options. I flipped through the racks, past recordings of old radio dramas. The Shadow? Maybe. Lights Out Theater? Even better. And then I found it. With nary a doubt in my mind as to the correctness of my decision, I took from the rack and presented triumphantly to my mother my choice of prize: a recording of Orson Welles’ legendary broadcast of The War of the Worlds on Halloween eve, 1938.

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You can’t keep a good devil down






A series of gruesome murders is carried out in Georgetown, Washington D.C., all them bearing the hallmarks of the Gemini Killer – who has been dead for fifteen years.

His investigation leads Lt William Kinderman to the psychiatric ward of Georgetown General Hospital, where in one of the isolation cells is a man claiming to be the Gemini Killer…and who bears a disturbing resemblance to the late Damien Karras…




Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!