Admittedly, I might be stretching the concept behind our 15th anniversary theme beyond the breaking point…but come on! A gang of wisecracking soldiers¬†unite to pull of one big heist? It seemed appropriate at the time. Anyway, on with the heist!


feat5League of Gentlemen begins with a scene that seems like it should have come from a German krimi film based on the lunatic mystery novels of Edgar Wallace. A well-dressed man in smart evening wear emerges from a manhole somewhere on one of the steamy streets of London then proceeds to enter a waiting Rolls Royce. He drives himself home and then sets about the task of writing seven letters. Each of these he places in a parcel alongside an American potboiler novel called The Golden Fleece, ten half-£5-notes, and an invitation to lunch at the Cafe Royal.

Keith Allison is the chief Bacchanologist at Teleport City.