…although not as much of either as I anticipated, I’m sad to say:


Lust for Vengeance (2001), in which a bunch of skeezy Brooklynites occasionally take time out from their busy schedules of snorting, screwing, and toking to get killed by a black-gloved psycho in a motorcycle helmet…

Repligator (1997), in which there supposedly is a reason why an experimental┬áteleportation machine turns everyone who uses it into a sex-crazed female were-alligator, but it wouldn’t be worth your time or mine for me to try explaining it…

Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek (2012), in which you have no one to blame but yourself if you watch a movie called that…


Stripperland (2011), which amazingly diverges early and often from its stated business of being Zombieland with boobies, and turns out not to be nearly as witless or indefensible as I was expecting.


El Santo rules the wasteland-- and also 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.

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