Let’s kick off the year properly, with the first part of a multi-part epic that involves abundant nudity, Robert Wise, sexual liberation, Richard Attenborough, jet-set swingers, underground erotica, Steve McQueen, international travel, airplane sex, Erika Blanc, Sylvia Kristel, the real life Emmanuelle, and Oliver Reed’s…well, just read on. NSFW, unless you work somewhere sexy.

The Erotic Escapades of Emmanuelle, Part 1: Idleness is an Art Form

This being the era that it was, there was also very little parental oversight of our viewing endeavors, which meant among other things that after 11pm or so, we were left to our own devices with those wondrous television signals ours for the taking. Most of the time, we did what any kids our age would do: scanned the airwaves for stuff like Excalibur or Conan the Barbarian, or something with ninjas, or anything with a ratings screen that contained four-for-four sure thing warning of “Language, Violence, Nudity, Strong Sexual Situations”. We were both of us more dedicated film fans at that age than most of our peers, which meant that even when it wasn’t just barbarians and boobs and space aliens, we’d stay up until dawn watching whatever came on. This led to us being the only kids in third grade who knew a lot about Blood for Dracula and David and Lisa. And when we were sure Rob’s parents were asleep and his older sister wasn’t spying on us, we’d hazard a peek at the verboten adult channels. That was when I first encountered Sylvia Kristel.

Keith Allison is the chief bacchanologist at MEZZANOTTE.

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