As I indicated in the New Year’s post, this year my plan is to roll my website over from a software-based set-up to a blog…and I think we’re open for beta-testing, if possibly not quite business.

A major aim for this project is simplicity, so you won’t find any bells or whistles (not that you ever did). In this respect I also want to keep the layout pretty clean and straightforward, so while there will inevitably be tweaking, I want things more or less as they currently are. On the other hand I am more than willing to listen to suggestions on fonts etc., or anything for better readability.

I have started simply by shifting Alligator over to the blog as a test case: I would appreciate it very much if people could drop in, take a look, let me know how things appear on your systems, and draw my attention to any mistakes or glitches.

Welcome to the third iteration of And You Call Yourself A Scientist!


Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

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