The Bad Place: A B-Masters' Roundtable

Stalker (1979)

Three people go off into the wild in search of a possibly-supernatural phenomenon. On their way, they bicker with each other, getting on each other’s nerves (and sometimes the nerves of the audience, too). We never actually see any of the terrifying things that confront them… but toward the end, a woman makes a tearful confession directly into the camera, and…


Ummm, even though all this is technically accurate, I see I’m inadvertently giving a description of the wrong film. Let me try again:

Our protagonist goes from a mundane, monochrome world into a mysterious land of color, where nothing is quite the same; and (with some curious, ill-matched companions and a dog) follows a winding path on a quest for a magical place where they’ve heard their wishes will be granted… Theyyyyy’re off to see the…

Oh, boy. Now I’m really describing the wrong movie. Forget it. Just read the damned review, OK?

Will Laughlin is the Braineater.

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