A (cough) typically scary scene from 'Zapatlela'

Following up on Lyz’s typically brilliant take on Child’s Play, it’s time switch gears a little to take a look at the ways in which Tom Holland’s groundbreaking film was interpreted, re-interpreted, re-re-interpreted and mis-interpreted by the various cinema industries in India…

Child’s Play in India

The four movies are:

  • Papi Gudia (1996), in which something was definitely lost in translation;
  • Mantra (2005), which gets a surprising number of things right for a movie nobody seems to have ever heard of;
  • Zapatlela (1993), which takes the story in a totally unexpected (and very silly) direction; and
  • Ammo Bomma (2001), in which Indian cinema turns to an Indian movie for inspiration… and fails to be inspired.
Will Laughlin is the Braineater.

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