Sure, Teleport City has been moribund for years. And it’s replacement sites have not fared better. However, I’ve not been totally inactive during these long months. So here’s a bit of what’s going on:

  • Did I mention I wrote a book? And associated with that, there’s a new(ish) website that occasionally even gets new articles. Like this one, about a box set of obscure exotica music.
  • I’ve been writing regularly for Diabolique. Most recently, it’s been about Jean Harlow’s Red-Headed Woman and the goofball “old dark house” comedy The Crooked Circle. The bulk of my film writing these days will be there or is being held in reserve for a future book project. Or until such time as I get impatient and post it.
  • Teleport City is getting a refresh and reorg. Most content is currently offline for reformatting, but it will all be back as the summer progresses. Some content will disappear, but only because it has been improved, rewritten, and has a new home. But we’ll always point when pointin’ is needed.
  • And finally, as a personal quest this summer, I intend to go back and fill in the many…many…many Roundtables I’ve no-showed over the years. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, irons in the fire and all that.