In under the wire! I’ve missed years’ worth of Roundtables, but the 20th anniversary? That one, I need to show up for. If you were kicking around Teleport City in 1998, you know that the foundation of the site was kung fu films. If there was a second foundational genre, it would have been zombies films. So, obviously…KUNG FU ZOMBIE.

I’m also making an effort to go back in time and fill in my many many missing Roundtables.


Kung Fu Zombie isn’t an expensive film, and it does its best to cover the lack of funds by not aiming too high with its special effects — some eerie colored lighting, a few gross corpses, and a fog machine are all it needs to successfully create an inexpensive otherworldly atmosphere. It’s crude and cheap, but it also has great energy behind it, not to mention some spectacular kung fu and a few creepy seconds scattered throughout the zaniness.