Two more patch jobs on missing or never completed Roundtables.

#9: Catch a Throwing Star!


By the 1980s, things really got out of hand, and more than a few movies from both sides of the Pacific featured people in wildly colorful ninja outfits running around the streets of modern day cities. You don’t get very far as a spy if you look like a spy, and there is very little that’s nondescript about a guy in metallic red pajamas and a face mask running down the streets of modern-day Duluth while waving a katana over his head.

#13: Go Go Go-Go Boys!


Sho Kosugi is a former ninja (I didn’t know there were such thing — do you get a good 401k as a retired ninja?) who moves to Los Angeles to run an antique shop with his friend. What he doesn’t know is that his friend is using the antiques as a way to smuggle dope.

Keith Allison is the chief Bacchanologist at Teleport City.