Maldicion de la llorona This review was not exactly what I had in mind. For this current Roundtable, I’ve been working on a big project — one I’ve been planning for years. Unfortunately, Life has intervened with my plans yet again, in a particularly cruel way, and I have not been able to finish it in time.

However, the recent release of the movie Curse of la Llorona reminded me of something: several years ago, I’d started reviewing the classic Mexican movie that originally held that title. I’d left the review just short of finished, and re-reading it I realized that once I finished it, it would fit the subject of our current Roundtable just about as well as any other.

So, while I am still working away at a Roundtable entry I think will be worth the wait once its finished, here’s:

La Maldición de la llorona (1961)


Will Laughlin is the Braineater.