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Deserves an award

The Prize Winner Of Defiance, OhioThe interesting and entertaining biographical movie The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio is the kind of drama the major Hollywood studios wouldn’t even think of taking a conservatively budgeted approach to almost twenty years later. A real shame.
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Starting Off 2024 with a New Name for an Old Idea

With my first update of the year, I’m formalizing something that I’ve been doing semi-regularly for a while now by introducing Movies Whose Times Have Come. Henceforth, this banner will gather together all my reviews celebrating the completion of our latest circuit around the sun by examining some old sci-fi flick set during the one that’s beginning. 2024’s Movie Whose Time Has Come is…

A Boy and His Dog (1975), in which Don Johnson’s Johnson is pressed into service by the leaders of a post-apocalyptic Good Ol’ American Small Town where the resident young men are having trouble getting the womenfolk with child.

And as for the rest of the update, we’ve got:

Chinatown Kid (1977), in which a fresh-off-the-boat bumpkin gets drawn steadily toward the center of a sprawling gangland conflict, first in Hong Kong, and then in San Francisco’s Chinatown…

Godzilla: Minus One (2023), in which the King of the Monsters’ first visit to Tokyo is reimagined as occurring in the late 1940’s, when Japan was still almost totally supine from its defeat in World War II…


Warlords of Atlantis (1978), in which a pair of explorers and the sailors who mutinied against them fall captive to the extraterrestrial rulers of the Lost Continent.


 El Santo rules the wasteland-- and also 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.

That’s no lady, that’s my strife

Lady FrankensteinI’ll be frank: While Lady Frankenstein looks nice, and has the sex and nudity Mary Shelley somehow forgot to put in her original novel, it doesn’t have her otherwise polished storytelling skills.
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It’s like a zoo in here!

Wild BeastsThe best examples of Eurotrash filmmaking tend to have both nutty premises and outrageous executions, but Wild Beasts only has the former for the most part.
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