B-Fest Roundup, 2024

Posted on March 31, 2024

I didn’t quite get everything written that I wanted to, so there’ll be one last film from this year’s B-Fest reviewed in the next update, but I came pretty close:


Arcade (1993), in which you should always make sure the human brain tissue you’re harvesting to power the processor of your cutting-edge virtual reality game didn’t come from a child who was abused to death, lest the kid’s spirit reassert itself as Nintendo Power Freddy Krueger…

The Chilling (1989), in which a cryonics lab really ought to produce a higher class of zombies than these…

Hard Rock Zombies (1984), in which these zombies, on the other hand, are exactly the ones you’d expect to arise when a necromantic spell is cast over the graves of a slain cock-rock band…

Hot Potato (1975), in which we all deserved so much more from a sequel to Black Belt Jones

Runaway (1984), in which the cops in charge of dealing with malfunctioning robots find themselves confronting droids that have been deliberately programmed for crime instead…


She-Devils on Wheels (1968), in which Herschell Gordon Lewis can make a biker movie every bit as awful as his worst gore or soft-porn flicks.




El Santo rules the wasteland-- and also 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.

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  1. ronald:

    (commenting here because this is the review at the top of the page at the moment)

    It would be impossible to adequately convey my mild distress at the alterations wrought upon the website which has greeted me at the start of almost every week for nearly twenty-five years. So I’ll make no such attempt. 😐

    01.04.2024 03:09 Reply

    • El Santo:

      What makes it extra-weird is that, at least on Chrome, it keeps changing back and forth at random between the old beige-dominated theme (which I think is the one we want?) and the black-and-blue one. I think the latter might be some kind of default setting, because i seem to remember seeing it before, when we first started using this thrice-damned WordPress platform.

      01.04.2024 09:02 Reply

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  3. maggiesmith:

    If you want female oulaw bikers, check out Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town. Keep your eyes peeled for a pre-fame Billy Bob Thornton, as one of the Chicks’ estranged husband.

    01.04.2024 18:49 Reply

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