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Ninja nutzoid

Ninja: American WarriorNo discussion of crazy cinema would be complete without a look at the ninja movies of Godfrey Ho, and Ninja: American Warrior is a good example of his work.

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Unreal estate


HAUSU (1977)

…in which it takes me over 7500 words to explain that I am lost for words…

[NB: Possibly NSFW: a little nudity, some blood, random body-parts, and a super-sized serving of WEIRD.]
                                                  Awww… Kitty!


Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

Dungeons and drag-ons

Ator The Fighting EagleThe sword and sorcery movie Ator The Fighting Eagle doesn’t get that far off the ground.

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Top Sensation

To call a film “explosive” which stars Edwige Fenech is one thing. To call a film “explosive” which stars Rosalba Neri is another, albeit similar, thing. To call a film “explosive” which opens with Neri flinging dynamite around with all the glee and gesticulating of a silent film actor is a bad pun. To call a film “explosive” which stars both Fenech and Neri and features the aforementioned opening is the come-on of the century.

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Stay a-way!

They Went That-A-Way & That-A-WaySome movies you can tell are really bad even before watching them. They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way is one of these movies.

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A real sleeper

The PersonalsTouching and funny, the independently made comedy-drama The Personals cries out for being released on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The Devilish Sister of the Jazzy Queen has Been Robbed

Or something to that effect. I will eventually et to the Peter Cushing roundtable of now nearly two months ago, but until then…

The Sister of Ursula is like watching a Jess Franco film without that director’s flare. Contemplate that one on the Tree of Woe. Sex scenes, the Italian coast, outlandish murders — everything about The Sister of Ursula seems to operate under the directive of “Well, this should be good, but we’re going to mess it up.”
Jazz on Film: Film Noir is a five-disc box set collecting together some of the seminal jazz soundtracks from noir cinema from the 1950s, exploring the evolution of the musical style from its presence as a scene in a movie to its integration into the scores themselves.
As with his previous film, Miraglia takes the modern setting integral to the spirit of gialli and dresses it up in a bit of old-fashioned Gothic spookiness by, once again, setting a portion of it in a moody Gothic estate full of dark secret passages and dungeon chambers.
Now that’s the life — where, during a mild bit of cat burglary, you sneak into a lavish hotel room via the window and find Kay Francis in a low-cut evening dress, relaxing languidly across the foot of the bed, waiting for you with a glass of champagne in her hand.
Sergio Sollima didn’t direct very many films. His career is split fairly evenly between theatrical and televised fare. Devil in the Brain is not what anyone would consider a technically outstanding movie, but it is solid in its craftsmanship.

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No T-FORCE, that’s for sure

Cyber TrackerThe science fiction movie Cyber Tracker is a good looking but otherwise surprisingly lame offering from PM Entertainment.

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Nope. Still Not Dead.

Although I do need to get a bunch of repair work done on my left knee…


Child’s Play (1988), in which getting the thing you want most for your birthday kind of sucks sometimes…

Madman (1980), which completes the informal trilogy of early-80’s slasher flicks rooted, to one extent or another, in the legend of Cropsey…

She (1935), in which a more relatable Leo Vincey has an altogether less reprehensible reason to venture into the kingdom of She Who Must Be Obeyed…

She (1965), in which She Who Must Be Obeyed goes looking for Leo Vincey for once…


Trick or Treat (1986), a movie I’d certainly have included in my Satanic Panic theme update a few years ago, if only I’d been able to remember what it was called.


El Santo rules the wasteland-- and also 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.

I duke it out with Duke

BillieAn enthusiastic cast populates the comedy Billie, and their energy almost makes up for the fact that the script they are working with isn’t all that funny.

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