Move over, Y2K, here comes something Brainier…

A cooperative Internet effort of unprecedented proportions in its field is about to take place-
Seven of the top Bad/B/Cult movie sites on the Internet will simultaneously take their hatchets to the 1957 film Brain from Planet Arous. This material is scheduled to appear by November 6-7,1999.

It is unknown if a film can withstand the cumulative impact of this highly-trained team’s simultaneous missives without reverting to anti-particles; due to the highly experimental nature of the project, due caution is advised to those within the event horizon’s light cone.

Reviewer Home Site Preview
Alan Gallauresi Oh, the Humanity! Steve has donned a regulation issue hard-shell safari hat – the sort of hat that just screams adventure waiting to happen (available from the Spring J. Peterman catalog, page 23, $79.95).
Ken Begg Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension Why a pith helmet was just sitting around on Steve’s workbench is another mystery. Especially since it clearly wasn’t there in a shot about a minute ago.
Dr. Freex The Bad Movie Report Superior race, my patoot – they still can’t come up with a good pick-up line….
Andrew Borntreger Stuff to Watch For… 4 mins-Steve, I’d take that gay hat off.
Nathan Shumate B-Movie Mailing List …an unbelievable premise. No, I’m not talking about the giant ghostly flying brain that floats like it’s suspended from piano wires and lusts after earth women. That part’s perfectly believable. But this…
Liz And
You Call Yourself a Scientist!
We note, too, the complete absence of any protective equipment, even though they’re getting ever closer to a “hot blast of gamma” that was almost “frying” them from thirty miles away. Steve’s faith in the shielding abilities of his pith helmet is touching, but possibly somewhat misplaced. Also, his head might not be the part of his body most in need of shielding just now.
Apostic B-Notes Steve is wearing a fashionable (?) pith helmet for protection from the sun. (Frankly, if I were going into an area with potentially intense bursts of radiation, I’d consider….)