December 1999:

For our theme, we considered the end of the world angst for the eve of the year 2000. Please note that some of the movies we selected for our selves weren’t too bad.

Reviewer Home Site Title Preview
Alan and Rob Oh, the Humanity! The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) The Earth hurtles closer to the sun! Mankind faces its last desperate hours! Sales of Speed Stick up 7000%!
Deluge (1933) While the announcements continue, various scenes of model boats floating in swimming pools are cut between flashes of a radio announcer. Point 1: there is a flood. Check. Point 2: model boats cannot withstand the flood. Check.
Nathan Shumate B-Movie Mailing List Image of the Beast (1983) Then we get various plagues — fire from heaven, metallic locusts, bloody water — while our heroes try to evade UNITE’s Believers Underground Movement Squad (or, as Elizabeth instantly says on hearing the name, “BUMS”).
Ken Begg Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension Robot Monster (1953) Meanwhile, the Great One begins to rant. “Human elements still roam planet Earth,” he complains. “I, the ruler of all Ro-Mans, shall complete your task, Earth Ro-Man! I shall release our Cosmic Q Rays! At this, lighting appears superimposed across the skies. “Which will free prehistoric reptiles to devour whatever remains of life!”
Andrew Borntreger Last Days of Man on Earth> (1974) Stuff To Watch For:
51 mins-Godzilla should come tromping out of the water about now.
Dr. Freex The Bad Movie Report Doomsday Machine (1967) When the Earth finally does blow up (a rapid cut from a flashing globe to a brief fireball), our actors are called upon to emote.
Liz And You Call Yourself a Scientist! On the Beach (1959) “Who would ever have believed that human beings would be stupid enough to blow themselves off the face of the earth…?”
Apostic B-Notes Holocaust 2000 (1978) Then he explains his reasoning; the great holocaust will purify everything. (Hey, works for me. For one thing, it’d wipe out the collected works of Jim Carrey.)