It was the last week in the last month of the last year beginning with a 19, and the world teetered on the brink of oblivion; it was widely presumed that toilet paper would be the currency of the future as our Computer Masters toppled themselves like Sumo wrestlers perched upon flagpoles in a high wind. The Cabal lit a candle and cursed the darkness, bringing forth Bangs ‘n’ Whimpers, an examination of other times the world ended.

Thanks in large part to the Cabal’s heathen machinations, the expected Doomsday did not arrive. Now, to remind the world that this is a good thing, the Cabal ponders what exactly would have happened after the end of the world….

And You Call Yourself a Scientist! Liz The Quiet Earth “Zac’s journey from small town to suburbia to city is a wonderfully shot sequence, the full horror of his situation being slowly revealed in a series of scenes both comic (the magazine dropped on the floor of the abandoned men’s room) and sinister (the discovery that someone has disappeared not just from their bed, but from beneath their breakfast tray). “
The Bad Movie Report Dr. Freex Damnation Alley “… the combined nuclear explosions tilted the Earth off its axis, with the result that even more people died, the sky has turned into a Pink Floyd Laser Light Show, and the whole world now looks like Utah.” Andrew A Boy and His Dog “The idea of a pubescent Don Johnson wandering the lonely wastelands guided by an intelligent and telepathic dog is a new one on me, but for some reason it all fits.”
B-Movie Mailing List Nathan Ultra-Warrior “…after the Space Defense System has an oopsie and bombs the world, the rich survivors form huge fascist cities, while the poor are forced into the radioactive wastelands and get mutated (which, in most cases, means that they get big ears).
B-Notes Apostic Warriors of the Wasteland “We open with a model community. (That’s “model community” as in the one Fred Rogers lives in; off hand, I’d guess it’s about 1:120 scale.) “
Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension Ken Robot Holocaust “The match goes on at some length. I guess it’s to establish the horrible brutality of life after the R.H. Although a less charitable soul might posit that it’s meant to cheaply pad out the film’s expansive 80 minute running time. “
Oh, the Humanity! Rob & Alan Warrior of the Lost World “Normally in a movie review, I wouldn’t mention the box the film came in, but in this case the plot summary at the back is the prime source of information I have on the movie, as there was really no in-plot elaboration. “
Stomp Tokyo Chris & Scott Executioners “Luckily for Wonder Woman, her hairstylist survived the apocalypse.”