In honor of Father’s Day on June 17th (in most of our countries, and we dragged our Australian member along for the ride), we present a roundtable designed to help you appreciate YOUR family situation. Because it could be worse. Much, much worse.



Sneak Peek

1,000 Misspent Hours and Counting Creepshow “Nathan kept Bedelia tightly under his thumb in what Richard describes as “a real Freudian relationship,” but that relationship turned triangular when Bedelia met a man (himself old enough to be her father), inciting a fury of jealously from Dad. Mr. Grantham arranged a “hunting accident” that claimed the life of Bedelia’s aged beau, then went right back to terrorizing her in his accustomed fashion.”
And You Call Yourself a Scientist! Dracula’s Daughter “The history of motion picture making is littered with examples of productions – the most famous example being, I suppose, Casablanca – that, by all known laws of logic, should have been a failure, but which instead surmounted such hurdles as constant re-writing and last minute re-casting to become greater than the sum of their parts. Alas, in the case of Dracula’s Daughter, the movie gods declined to smile. “ Voices From Beyond “Only nominally a horror film, and still less a mystery, Voices from Beyond is mostly a meditation on the idea of family — and particularly on the relationships between fathers and children. Giorgio’s own father is trapped, not only in his own house, but in his own body, and held prisoner by a “family” of cruel strangers. Giorgio’s son is not his son at all, but the child of his father’s second wife’s son. It’s Rosy, the spurned daughter, who is the only one who remains faithful to her father. In the end, the film suggests, no relationship endures except blood. Love, desire, and duty all may fade, or may be put aside for personal gain; but blood ties may survive even cruelty and death.”
Cold Fusion Video Reviews Ruby “For being a former mobster’s squeeze, Ruby shows an appalling lack of instinct for self-preservation, simply ordering Vince to sink the bodies in the swamp to avoid police interest, and never once considering that some sort of malevolent force is at work, human or otherwise. Nothing gets to interrupt her lifestyle of wandering around the house in slinky dresses and feather boas, sauced to the gills.”
Teleport City House of Fury House of Fury is a more modern look at the nuclear kungfu family, and while its look and style have been updated for modern sensibilities, the core message at the center of the film remains consistent with the many that came before it: the family that trains in kungfu together will deal out swift kungfu vengeance together.”