Call them our spandex saviors, menaces to society or pajama jockeys; what they truly are is a vital part of our modern mythology. To celebrate the long-anticipated opening of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie, the B-Masters examine other times these brightly-colored bigshots have made the transition from the page to the screen. Are they here to save the world… or destroy it? (Given the quality of most of these movies, I vote the latter)



Quick Peek

And You Call Yourself A Scientist! Batman (1989) In terms of both impact and screentime, Jack Nicholson’s grotesque, wisecracking, psychopathic supercriminal dominates this production. Indeed, the film as it stands could legitimately have been called “The Joker” rather than “Batman”.
The Bad Movie Report Once
A Hero
One of these days we’re going to do a roundtable entitled “TV Movies: Scourge of Mankind”. The Punisher THINGS I LEARNED FROM THIS MOVIE:
You can “walk off” being stabbed.
Cold Fusion Video Reviews Robot Ninja Lenny sells his reluctant friend, “Inventor” Dr. Goodknight (Bogdan Pecic) on creating the suit for him; “I figure the costume alone’ll freak’em out,” he says. It’s like “Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot,” but dumber.
Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension Superman 4: The Quest for Peace Finally, a trip to the IMDB reveals that none other than the legendary David L. Hewitt oversaw the special effects for our Feature Presentation. Yes, when you have the special effects maestro from The Mighty Gorga, Al Adamson’s Horror of the Blood Monsters and Monstroid working on your film, you know you’re in good hands.
Opposable Thumb Films The Death of the Incredible Hulk Basically, he’s an everyday schmuck like myself. Difference being, he turns superhuman when ticked off. I, on the other hand, simply whine profusely and feebly stamp my feet.
Stomp Tokyo Captain America Cap never gives up. He never says die. Nobody could beat Captain America. Nobody that is, until Albert Pyun came along.
Teleport City Superargo vs. the Faceless Giants
I do know that by this time, all Superargo has managed to do is break a vase and get two innocent people kidnapped. By this point in the movie, El Santo would have wrestled three matches, judged a beauty contest, and punched Frankenstein in the face.

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