While I’m finishing up my first “20th Anniversary” Roundtable entry, it’s time for me to catch up on another missed Roundtable from last year:

Were-WHAT? A Truly Transformative B-Masters' Roundtable
Qarqacha: El demonio del incesto

For some reason, llamas were extremely popular as Christmas decorations in 2018. We had llama tree ornaments, llama greeting cards, llama wrapping paper, llama stuffed toys, inflatable light-up llamas for our yards… “Fa-la-la-la-llama,” they said.

Even after Christmas, the llama theme has continued, with llama candy boxes, more stuffed llama toys, and cards celebrating “Va-llama-ntine’s Day”. I’m waiting for the inevitable llam-rechauns on St. Alpac-trick’s Day.

If more people had seen our movie for today, these gentle South American pack animals might not be quite as popular.

Introducing Qarqacha: El demonio del incesto (“Jarjacha, the Demon of Incest”), a regional Peruvian horror film from 2002, in which people guilty of incest turn into murderous were-llamas. I’ll say it again: WERE-LLAMAS. Even for a genre that’s given us human beings turning into cicadas, reindeer, or sentient puddles of oil, this… is a little weird.

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