Remember that really really really lame “horror” DVD cover?  I think I’ve found its rival.

The description for Gravestoned from the official site:


Shark and Coltrane, two out-of-work pot farmers really want to break into the movie business. So they chainsaw a cadaver’s arm off and use the severed arm as a prop in a horror film. Now they have to survive a night in the graveyard with a cadaver zombie that wants his arm back! Pot smoking slacker gravediggers, a movie goddess (Lar Park Lincoln, Friday the 13th Part 7), an obsessed movie mogul, a cadaver salesman, hot cheerleaders who may be exotic dancers, a redneck who would love to grill a severed arm and a horny Scottish Terrier – they’re all here in this over-the-top horror film for stoners that has been called the most ominous use of a severed arm in the history of celluloid

Point #1: Wasn’t Charles Band’s Evil Bong (2006) a horror film for stoners?  Evil Bong 2: King Bong (2009)?  Shrooms (2007)?

Point #2:

How stoned do you have to be to think, “That looks like a good movie”?