Some day, I will settle on a Teleport City design and stick with it. This one’s closer than most to being mildly acceptable to me. Anyway, usher in my endless George Lucas style fiddling with:

England’s Hammer Films had the misfortune of releasing their nicely decorated but somewhat tepid science fiction romp Moon Zero Two in the wake of 1968’s two big genre-changing films, and as a result, Hammer’s effort comes out looking decidedly small scale and quaint. But perhaps even more crushing, Hammer released their breezy little moon adventure movie in 1969 and wound up competing directly with the actual Apollo moon landing. While a vision of the moon that included scantily clad dancing girls and scotch dispensers appeals to a certain sensibility, in the end, Moon Zero Two just couldn’t beat out Neil Armstrong actually hopping around on the surface of the moon, even though the real moon ended up not having any dancing girls or scotch — at least, one assumes, up until Alan Shepard got up there with his golf clubs.

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